For one of a kind, custom lighting fixtures handcrafted by skilled artisans, Heirloom Lighting can design and create a gorgeous lighting fixture tailored to your specific tastes and vision.

Don’t Be Limited To Prefabricated Lamps and Fixtures!

When adding lighting to your home, why choose your garden variety light fixtures that everyone else has when you could have a fine, beautifully crafted piece designed and built by skilled artisans near you in Mesa? Not only can Heirloom Lighting take your preferences and transform them into a work of art, but we can do it with a variety of materials including wrought iron, wood, glass and other desired materials.

Our Services

The services at Heirloom Lighting are not limited to just lighting. We can custom design and create a variety of items, including custom gates, tables, railings, and other accessories. The finished product will be one that you can display proudly and know the hard work and craftsmanship that went into creating it.

Custom Chandelier Design in Arizona

Custom Design

We have a wide range of customers, architects, and decorators who love working with us because of our design skill and flexibility. We can adhere to your exact vision, or we can develop a custom design that will fit your specific style and taste. Trust our craftsmen and design experts to bring your vision to reality.

Expert Chandelier Drawings in AZ

Experts Drawings

When designing your custom lighting fixture or accessory piece in Mesa, we never leave anything to change. We don’t leave you with vague ideas about how the piece will turn out. At Heirloom Lighting, your design will be drawn to the exact specifications so that you know you will be pleased with the outcome.

Master chandelier fabrication in AZ

Masterful Fabrication

Heirloom Lighting has masterful artisans who are skilled in every area of lighting production. With superior forging, crafting, and finishing skills, we work with a variety of traditional and contemporary materials to give your lighting fixture the best outcome we can provide using convenient and efficient technology.

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