Custom designed and handcrafted lighting in Mesa.

Family owned and operated, Heirloom Lighting strives to create beautiful and unique custom lighting designs. With a passion for this artful skill, we want to implement gorgeous, warm lighting solutions that fit your environment and style to a tee. Founded by Cesar Acosta, he spent 17 years at a premier lighting factory where he learned about lighting design and manufacturing. This earned him the artisan title he holds today. Armed with his experience, he envisioned a new, creative lighting concept that is admired by various generations. Blending traditional and contemporary designs with modern technology creates a dramatic new expression he is proud to craft.

With every new project we take at Heirloom Lighting, we approach it with excitement and strive to create a new work of art each and every time. We welcome the opportunity to create something unique and stylish that fits the needs of each individual.

Heirloom Lighting workshop

Owner Cesar Acosta gained invaluable lighting and craftsmanship experience in his 17 years at a premiere lighting company, giving him the tools and knowledge he needed to start his own, unique blend of lighting pieces.